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FirePrograms’ Scheduling provides unlimited flexibility in creating and accessing simple or complex shift schedules. Easily track and maintain shift assignments, trades, Kelly days, sick days and even disaster schedules in an intuitive and powerful interface. A web portal can also be utilized to view schedules, submit shift trade requests, and much more, making it easily accessible for staff while reducing administrative time. FireProgams Scheduling can be run as a stand-alone scheduling module or seamlessly integrated into other FirePrograms Software packages.

  • Easily manage multiple stations, apparatus and personnel groups simultaneously
  • Accommodates even the most complex custom shift schedules, with many pre-configured options
  • Create online shift trades, vacation and sick time requests, each with email confirmation
  • View your personal shift calendars and department shift coverage status online
  • Easily create month-in-advance shift coverage requests

Try the most comprehensive and flexible scheduling software available for Emergency Services



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