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After Hours Support phone policy

FirePrograms provides additional hours of support on a per call fee basis.

The inital fee is $50 which covers up to one hour. Calls that exceed one hour are charged in 15 minute increments at the same rate ($12.50 each additional 15 minutes).

The hours for this extended support are: Monday - Friday (6pm to 10pm) and Saturday - Sunday (9am - 10 pm) Eastern Time

FirePrograms is aware that many of our volunteer departments may be unable to call during our normal business hours. As an alternative to the after hours support phone, which is intended more for emergencies, an after hours appointment can be set. Simply call into customer support and let the representative know that you wish to make an after hours support appointment. Some advance notice is required since a reps schedule must be altered to make them available for the call. For customers with active support contracts, there is no charge for this service.

The After Hours Support phone number is: (352) 615 - 5902

Thank you for your support of FirePrograms!

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