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Comprehensive.     Integrated.     Incredible.


Fast implementation.  Get the department online quickly

• No software is installed on customer machines.
• Icon on customers desktop launches a remote session on the FirePrograms servers and attaches to the departments secure database.

Reduce hardware and I.T. costs

• Uses the FirePrograms Servers. 
• Clients don’t need to purchase a server or any networking hardware.
• All software updates are installed by FirePrograms staff.
• Automatic database backups are performed daily.

Connect from anywhere (PC, MAC, Ipad, Android, even SmartPhones)

• Operate from the Web using any device that supports a remote RDP connection.
• All you need is an internet connection.
• Connect and run reports from home or the station.

Share Risk Manager data with mutual aid departments

• The optional “FPShare” program allows you to share pre-plans and location information with select departments that provide mutual aid.

Zero learning curve for current FP users

• The programs look , feel and operation is identical to the Windows Desktop version of FirePrograms.
• You can even use your local printers and other peripheral devices.

Security and Data Protection

• FirePrograms Servers are hosted in a secure facility.
•  24/365 security guard
•  Multiple fiber optic trunks directly connected to internet backbone
•  Battery backup system
• Daily backups of entire server and individual department databases.
• All RemoteApp traffic utilizes Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure privacy between communicating applications and their users on the internet.
• Full 256-bit data encryption.
• FirePrograms has been validated by Network Solutions and has received a Secure SSL Certificate.
• The servers have an intrusion prevention system that guards against denial of service, malicious traffic, malware, phishing and spyware.
 The servers also utilize McAffee for  virus protection.

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